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Costa Rica: truly rich

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Costa Rica is a country with the region’s highest level of prosperity, defined as a measure of both income and wellbeing, according to the 2013 index of the Legatum Institute, dedicated to research and investment, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Quality of education is one of the factors behind the success of Costa Rica, rated second in prosperity in Latin America, behind Uruguay, and 31st in the world.

Panama, in 40th position, dropped two places from last year, while Honduras was last in the isthmus, placing 96th.

The world 's most prosperous country is Norway, while Chad came last out of a total of 142 countries studied, according to the Institute.

The index measures a number of items that influence economic production and quality of life, including governance, personal freedom, social capital, education, and entrepreneurship opportunities (figures reflect the position in the global rank of each Central American country).


1. Costa Rica (31)
2 . Panama (40)
3 . Nicaragua (73)
4 . El Salvador (85)
5 . Guatemala (90)
6 . Honduras (96)