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Costa Rica would be least affected by climate change

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Costa Rica is the Central American country best prepared to deal with climate change, according to the Global Adaptation Index 2014, published by the University of Notre Dame.

The country is in 69th position worldwide, displacing Panama as the leader in the region.

Honduras in 128th place is the most vulnerable Central American country.

The ranking is defined based on each country's susceptibility to changes in the environment, and their economic, political and social capacity to deal with the aftermath of disasters, such as droughts, super-storms and other natural phenomena.

The global list of 178 countries is headed by Norway, which has held first place for nearly 20 years, while the African nation of Chad is last (figures in brackets indicate the position in the world of each Central American country).

  1. Costa Rica (69)
  2. Panama (79)
  3. El Salvador (114)
  4. Nicaragua (116)
  5. Guatemala (118)
  6. Honduras (128)