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Costa Rican Port

Friday, June 11, 2010

The acceptance last week by union workers in Costa Rica's busiest port of a $137 million buyout opens the door for private-sector development of a new container terminal, as well as cruise-ship and other dock facilities in Limón, located on the Caribbean coast, with total investments estimated at well over $1 billion. Several companies are expected to bid for a concession, which includes the right to build the container terminal, and to operate it for 30 years.

Thirteen companies, including several of the world's largest port developer-operators, have declared an interest in winning the contract, at a cost of $812 million. Another contract, in this case worth $80 million, will be awarded for the reconstruction of Limón's general-cargo port. No value has yet been established for the the development of the cruise-ship facilities, along with a planned 250-boat marina.

Limón handles more than 80% of goods imported into and exported from Costa Rica, valued at $16 billion out of a total of $20 billion. In addition, the government has committed $80 million to turn Limon's crumbling downtown into a tourism center, with restaurants, cafés, art galleries, parks and craft stores. Tenders for all of the Limón projects should be published within the next 90 days.

  • Port construction and operation companies
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Engineering consulting
  • Marine biologists
  • Tour operators
  • Marina developers
  • Hospitality-industry companies