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Daniel Ortega: "Sí" to Obama and Costa Rica

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In order to meet Barack Obama, the President of Nicaragua will visit Costa Rica for the first time since his reelection in 2011.

The occasion is the May 4 meeting of SICA, the Central American Integration System, whose forums are usually attended by the presidents of all the countries in the region.

However, since the beginning of the administration of Laura Chinchilla likewise in 2011, Ortega has refused to travel to Costa Rica, with which Nicaragua has a border dispute.

The SICA agenda has not yet been defined.

However, participants will likely discuss security, drug trafficking, multilateral trade and economic development.

Given the presence of President Obama, the issue of immigration reform could also be on the table, given that a significant percentage of the population of the region's northern-tier countries - Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador - lives in the United States.