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El Salvador has the ​most prisoners

Monday, May 14, 2018

​Ranked 47th globally​,​ El Salvador ​with nearly 40,000 ​is the Central America country with the largest number of prisoners, according to World Prison Brief.

Guatemala is second in the ​I​s​th​mus with a prison population close to 23,000, while Nicaragua is last with 14,000.

Globally​,​ ​the ​United States ​leads​ with two million​, while​ San Marino is last with only two persons in jail.

The study is based on official data about prison populations from gover​n​ments of 223 nations (numbers in brackets indicate overall position of each country).

  1.  El Salvador (47)
  2.  Guatemala (60)
  3. Costa Rica (70)
  4. Honduras (73)
  5. Panama (76)
  6. Nicaragua (79)