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El Salvador: New rules to promote local brands

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two months ago as part of a regional trend to strengthen and protect local brands, El Salvador since last May has a law, which protects the so-called ¨geographic indication”.

The reforms complement various existing laws, as well as international conventions, including the Marrakesh Agreement of the World Trade Organization, signed in Morocco on April 15, 1994.

The fundamental change introduced by the reform of Salvadoran law, is the introduction of the figure of "geographical indication" as a distinctive sign, which a producer can register, and for which he or she enjoys additional protection.

A geographic indication consist of signs that identify a product with specific features or enjoying a wide reputation, which are connected to its place of origin.

The reform will benefit various local producers who previously could not have met the requirements of a description of origin.

The concept refers to the exclusive right of a product to exploit the origin, recognized by special features, such as soil type, processes involved in production, and local culture.

Among Salvadoran products which are taking advantage of this right, are Ilamatepec coffee and clay handicraft products from the Ilobasco region.

Guatemala grants this protection to Antigua coffee and Zacapa rum while some of the world's best known products by geographic origin include sparkling wine from Champagne and cheese from Parma.

To benefit from the new rules, the Salvadoran producer must apply to the Intellectual Property Registry.


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