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Friday, June 11, 2010

Central America is making a major effort to attract European visitors this year, starting with the participation this month of all of the region's countries in the 44th Berlin International Tourism Fair. Each country emphasizes its own tourism program, and has its own promotion budget.

Panama this year is projecting an image of "Nature's best-kept secret", Guatemala is focusing on its cultural heritage, and Costa Rica is going with eco and adventure tourism. However, the six countries share a common area at the Fair, on the theory that increased tourism in one country often leads to increased interest on the part of visitors to know other parts of the region.

Tourism declined in all Central American countries in 2009, especially in Honduras, because of unsettled political conditions, and Guatemala, because of a flu scare in the early part of the year. Spaín's Iberia announced this month that it will have direct Madria-Panama flights four times a week starting this year. Iberia already several direct weekly flights to Guatemala and San José, Costa Rica. Germany's Condor has a weekly direct flight betwen San José and Frankfurt.


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