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Gas and windsurfing in the Gulf of Fonseca

Thursday, March 29, 2012

WHAT The presidents of Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua meet this week, with the idea of reaching an agreement for developing the Gulf of Fonseca on the Pacific Coast, to which all three countries have access, and over which they have in the past fought wars.

WHY Collaboration can be more profitable than confrontation, in an area which is becoming increasingly valuable. El Salvador’s La Unión port, in the northern sector of the gulf, has the potential to add a natural-gas terminal, which could service much of the region. With a guarantee of peace in the area, Honduras and Nicaragua could see the development of important tourism projects on the gulf’s eastern and southern shores, respectively, both of which have excellent beaches and sport fishing.

WHAT NEXT The presidential conference coincides with the beginning of Holy Week. The future will determine, whether or not the plan works, in less spiritual times, especially if LNG tankers and windsurfers have to share a waterway, which is only 50 kilometers across, at its widest point. Still, the idea of encouraging development in this area is fundamentally sound, taking into account its strategic importance for logistics, and the fact that it offers outstanding opportunities for tourism investment.

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