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Genesis Puntarenas in Costa Rica boasts world’s largest penthouse at $50 million

Thursday, September 30, 2010

In the US, the McMansion craze may be fading, but down in Costa Rica luxury has taken a super-sized turn. New to the market: the penthouse unit of the 14-story Genesis Puntarenas, a 68,459-square-foot oceanfront spread that’s a good 10 times the size of your standard American mansion.

The developers are calling it the world’s largest penthouse. Asking price for the yet-to-be completed unit: $50 million.

If you’re looking at cost per square foot, the Costa Rican pad is a deal compared to the Candy Brothers $312 million Monte Carlo penthouse, measuring 17,500 square feet and considered the most expensive penthouse sale.

Original source: Wall Street Journal