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Guatemala leads mobile connections

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ranked 8th in Latin America, Guatemala is the Central American country with more mobile connections, according to data from the “Mobile Trends Report”, made by GSMA.

Guatemala has 18,9 million mobile connections of which a 59 percent are from smartphones and a five percent corresponds to 4G connections.

Although Panama is the Central American country with less mobile connections, more of its smartphones are connected to 4G technology (six percent).

Also, Costa Rica has more connections per capita than any other country in the isthmus, with almost two for each individual.

Brasil is the Latin American country with more mobile connections and the leader in 4G as well.

Cuba, with no 4G technology at all, is at the bottom of mobile connections.

The report analyzes the reach of mobile connections in Latin America, number of smartphones and the migration to 4G technologies of 20 countries.