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Honduras leads in exports to Europe

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It wasn’t pure coincidence that last week’s signing of an Association Agreement between the European Union and Central America took place last week in Tegucigalpa, given that Honduras is the isthmus’ main exporter to the Old Continent, in proportional terms.

After the United States, Honduras' second largest trading partner is the European Union, which last year bought Honduran products worth a record $1.1 billion, which represents 28% of total exports.

The most importation destination of these products is Germany, followed by Luxembourg and Belgium, economies with fewer problems than those of southern Europe - a good prognosis for Honduran exporters, who last year increased their sales to the area by $445 million, according to figures from the Central Bank of Honduras.

The most important products were coffee, farmed shrimp, melon and watermelon.

For the region as a whole, exports to the European Union last year totaled $4 billion, equivalent to 21% of the total.

The ranking represents sales to the European Union as a percentage of total exports of each Central American country, according to data from the Central American Economic Integration Secretariat and the National Institute of Statistics and Census of Panama.

  1. Honduras (28)
  2. Panama (21)
  3. Costa Rica (18)
  4. Nicaragua (11)
  5. Guatemala (8)
  6. El Salvador (7)