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Honduras: new party, new leader - sort of

Thursday, August 9, 2012

WHAT Last year saw the launch of a new Honduran political party, LIBRE = “Free” – whose candidate in presidential elections scheduled for 2013 is Xiomara Castro, mother of four, graduate in business administration, and wife of former president Manuel “Mel” Zelaya.
WHY Overthrown in a coup three years ago, because of his support for Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez, and because he seemed to be planning an unconstitutional reelection bid, Zelaya has teamed up with Castro, in order to offer a leftist agenda, in a country in which both traditional parties – Liberal and National – tilt to the right.

WHAT NEXT To be elected Castro will need to broaden her base, which consists mainly of students, government workers and unionists. Women voters will likely be a main target for the Castro campaign. But even at current levels of popularity – 12%, according to recent polls – LIBRE could win enough Congressional seats to influence the agenda of the next government.


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