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Latino Talent: made in Costa Rica

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A high rating on factors such as education and training of human resources makes Costa Rica stand out as a leading developer of talent in Latin America, according to the Human Capital Index of the World Economic Forum, released earlier this month.

Costa Rica was ranked third in the Americas, behind only Canada and the United States, and 35th in the world.

Panama was the second in Central America and 42d overall, while Honduras, in the 100th position worldwide, has the region’s lowest rating.

The list of 122 nations was led by Switzerland, while Yemen came last.

The study was based on indicators related to health, welfare, education and employment, among other factors that create a positive environment for human capital (figures in parentheses represent the overall position of each Central American country).

1. Costa Rica (35)
2 . Panama (42)
3 . Guatemala (84)
4 . El Salvador (90)
5 . Nicaragua (93)
6 . Honduras (100)