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Martinelli tops on Twitter

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

With nearly 350,000 followers, President Ricardo Martinelli is the most popular president in Central America on the social network Twitter, according to the Twiplomacy report, published last month by the communications firm Burston-Marsteller.

Costa Rica's Laura Chinchilla is the most interactive, with 39% of her tweets involving a response to another user.

Least popular in the region on Twitter El Salvador’s Mauricio Funes, with less than 6,000 followers.

Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega does not have a twitter account.

The most popular leader in the Americas is Barack Obama, who has more than 34 million followers, while Belize’s Dean Barrow places last 104.

The worldwide study measures the Twitter impact of 505 heads of state and heads of government, along with ministers (figures in parentheses refer to the number of followers of Central American presidents, in thousands).

1. Ricardo Martinelli (350)
2. Laura Chinchilla (200)
3. Otto Pérez (87)
4. Porfirio Lobo (23)
5. Mauricio Funes (6)