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Medical tourism boost

Friday, June 11, 2010












Health reform in the United States (assuming it goes ahead as planned), should boost medical visits by Americans to the region. Under the program, close to 40 million uninsured Americans will get coverage, starting in 2014.

Part of the cost of the new policies will be paid for by taxes, while a more efficient system would also create savings. To reduce the amount that still has to be paid, many Americans who are required to get coverage will buy financing plans - including Health Savings Accounts and Health Reimbursement Arrangements - which offer the option of treatment in foreign countries, at rates much lower than those payable in the United States.

The Joint Commission International, an independent, not-for-profit body, accredits hospitals around the world, which maintain standards equivalent or better than their counterparts in the United States. Costa Rica has three JCI-accredited health institutions, all in San José - Hospital Cima <http://www.cimahospital.com/> , Hospital Clínica Bíblica <http://www.hcbinternational.com/> , and Hospital La Católica <http://www.hospitallacatolica.com/site.php?lang=eng>. In Panama, the Hospital Punta Pacífica <http://www.hospitalpuntapacifica.com/> is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. In Guatemala, Turismo y Salud Guate <http://turismoysaludguate.com/en> offers full medical services for foreigners.


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