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Mexico: number one investor in Honduras

Monday, June 17, 2013

Mexico is now the biggest foreign investor in Honduras, displacing the United States, which is in second place, followed by Canada.

Mexicans invested $191 million last year, nearly $20 million more than Americans.

Canada was third at $132 million.

In 2011, Mexican investments in Honduras totaled $154 million, compared to $141 million from the U.S.

Mexico’s telecom sector accounts for much of the investment, along with food processing and glass production.

Next month, a business mission from Campeche and Yucatan is scheduled to visit the Sula region, to explore opportunities.

Doing business in Honduras is hard, especially with a public service which is often either corrupt or inefficient.

Most Honduran workers are unskilled, yet more expensive than their counterparts in neighboring Nicaragua, which has much less crime.
On the other hand, Mexican investors are right to see the glass as half full.

Honduras is one of the world’s most fertile countries, with abundant opportunities for farmers and food producers, especially in the warm, flat Sula valley, just a short drive from the Caribbean port of Cortés.

On the coast, white-sand beaches stretch north from the valley, as far as Belize.