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Nicaragua, best in the Isthmus for women

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nicaragua is the best country in Central America, as far as opportunities for women are concerned, in areas that include employment, education and health, according to the 2012 Gender Equity Global report, published last week by the World Economic Forum.

The ranking of 135 countries takes into account four pillars: wages and salaries, access to education, health indices, and the opportunity to run for election to state offices.

Nicaragua went from position 27 worldwide last year, to ninth.

The overall ranking is led by Iceland, Finland and Norway.

By contrast, the worst countries for women are Chad, Pakistan and Yemen.

Figures in parentheses show each country’s position in the ranking.

  1. Nicaragua (9)
  2. Costa Rica (29)
  3. Panama (40)
  4. Honduras (74)
  5. El Salvador (94)
  6. Guatemala (116)