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Nicaragua: number one in gender equality

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Nicaragua is the Latin American country with the highest level of gender equality, according to a report released last week by the World Economic Forum.

Nicaragua in addition ranks sixth globally, representing the third consecutive time the country has finished in the top ten, largely due to a high level of participation by women in politics.

Panama is second in the region and 46 worldwide, followed by Costa Rica in 48th place.

Guatemala ranks last in Central America, in 89th positioned.

Globally, first place belongs to Iceland, while Yemen is last.

The report takes into account the magnitude of the gap between men and women in various fields, including politics, economy, education and health, in 142 nations (figures in brackets indicate the position in the world ranking of each country).

  1. Nicaragua (6)
  2. Panamá (46)
  3. Costa Rica (48)
  4. Honduras (73)
  5. El Salvador (84)
  6. Guatemala (89)