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Open borders for Costa Rican travelers

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Among travelers from Central America, Costa Ricans can go to more countries without a visa, according to the Do You Need a Visa? survey, published by the Do You Need a Visa site, last week.

Costa Rica is in 78th position worldwide, with visa-free entry to 120 countries.

Panama is second in Central America and 83d in the world, with 114 destinations, which require no visa.

Nicaragua is last regionally and 89th worldwide, with visa-free access to 107 countries.

The United States and Britain share first place overall.

South Sudanese and Afghanis are the only groups of people, which need visas to travel to any country in the world (figures reflect the position in the global list of each Central American country).

  1. Costa Rica (78)
  2. Panama (83)
  3. Honduras (84)
  4. Guatemala (86)
  5. El Salvador (86)
  6. Nicaragua (89)