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Ortega's approval keeps rising

Monday, June 13, 2016


Daniel Ortega is once again the most popular president in Central America, with a level of support even higher than last year, according to Cid-Gallup.

The Nicaraguan leader saw his approval rating reach 70%, compared to 66% in 2015.

Costa Rica’s Luis Guillermo Solís is the least popular President of the isthmus, with an approval rating of less than a third.

The Latin America leader with the best results is Danilo Medina of the Dominican Republic, with a 73% approval rating, while Peru's Ollanta Umala is last at 17% (numbers in brackets indicate approval rating in percentages).


1            Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua (70)

2            Jimmy Morales, Guatemala (61)

3            Juan Orlando Hernández, Honduras (52)

4            Juan Carlos Varela, Panamá (34)

5            Salvador Sánchez, El Salvador (33)

6            Luis Guillermo Solís, Costa Rica (30)