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Panama and Costa Rica: competitiveness leaders

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Panama and Costa Rica are second and third, respectively, in competitiveness in Latin America, according to Aden International Business School.

Chile is first, although its lead is lower this year than in 2015.

Panama performs well on economical stability and international market competitiveness, while Costa Rica leads in the health category.

However, both countries were weak on technological access, in each case scoring fewer than five points out of ten
The least competitive country in the continent is Venezuela.

The ranking (Spannish only) evaluates institutional aspects, infrastructure, economical stability, health and education, among others criteria (numbers in brackets indicate the position of each country in the overall ranking).

1 Panama (2)
2 Costa Rica (3)
3 El Salvador (12)
4 Nicaragua (14)
5 Honduras (15)
6 Guatemala (16)