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Panama City Cruise Port

Monday, December 12, 2016

Plans for a cruise ship port on Perico Island on Panama’s Pacific Coast may need more time.

Several companies have asked Panama to delay a deadline for bids, currently scheduled for mid January, 2017.

Perico and three other islands, which form the Causeway group, already have restaurant and marina facilities.

In addition, the Causeway Islands are connected by a 5 kilometer causeway to Panama City’s Amador district, which includes the Biodiversity Museum, opened in 2014, as well as park areas overlooking the Panama Canal.

On the other hand, waters off Perico island are only about 7 meters deep, according to Panama’s maritime authority, while many cruise ships need 8 meters or more of draft.

More than 40 companies from some 25 countries have expressed interest in bidding for the project, which is expected to involve an investment of around $70 million, according to Panamanian reports.