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Panama: energy for business

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The most business-friendly country in the region also offers the best conditions for electric power, in terms mainly of the number of number of procedures involved, waiting time and cost, according to the Doing Business 2014 report, published recently by the World Bank.

Panama in addition ranks high by global standards, in 16th position.

Guatemala is number two in Central America and 34th worldwide, while El Salvador, at 154 in the world ranking, has the region’s least competitive conditions for access and cost of electricity.

In the world ranking of 189 countries, Iceland comes first, while Bangladesh is last (figures reflect the position in the global ranking of each Central American country).

1. Panama (16)
2. Guatemala (34)
3. Costa Rica (47)
4. Nicaragua (114)
5 . Honduras (125)
6. El Salvador (154)