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Panama: high marks

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Panama is a leader not only in areas such as competitiveness and infrastructure, but also in the percentage of students who graduate from high school, according to Panama’s State of Education report, published this month.

The analysis is based on data from The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Panama is eighth in Latin America in this ranking, with 60 percent of people between 20 and 24 years, who completed their secondary education.

Costa Rica is second in the the region and eleventh in Latin America, with a 50 percent graduation rate.

Nicaragua, where less than 40% of people graduate from high school, was last in the overall ranking.

Guatemala was not included in the study.

Chile is number one in Latin America, at 82 percent (figures reflect the position of each Central American country in the overall ranking).

1. Panama (8)
2. Costa Rica (11)
3. El Salvador (14)
4. Honduras (15)
5. Nicaragua (16)