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Panama leads inclusive development

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


In 30th place worldwide, Panama is the Central American country that best promotes equitable growth, according to the 2017 Inclusive Deveolpment Index, published by the World Economic Forum.

In Latin America, only Uruguay in 27th position is ahead of Panama.

Costa Rica, in 31st place globally, is second in the isthmus and third in Latin America, while Honduras – in 76th position worldwide - is last in the region.

Among developing economies, both Costa Rica and Panama are in the top ten of inclusivity.

Norway placed first overall, while Lesotho is last among 98 countries.

Education and skills, basic sevices and infraestructure, corruption, rents, financial intermediation, entreperneurship and employment, are some of the criteria used to to determine the standard of Inclusive development, generally defined as economic growth, which creates opportunity for all segments of the population, and which includes an equitable distribution of the resulting benefits.

1 Panama (30)
2 Costa Rica (31)
3 Nicaragua (61)
4 El Salvador (67)
5 Guatemala (74)
6 Honduras (76)