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Panama: open for business

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Abundant capital from foreign investment, along with excellent transportation infrastructure, make Panama the best city for doing business in Central America, according to the 2012 Urban Competitiveness Index of AméricaEconomía Intelligence, which measures a number of variables including political governance, economic stability and access to information.

First in Latin America is Miami, considered a Latin American city for purposes of the report, followed by Sao Paulo and Santiago.

Panama is in seventh place overall, among 46 cities surveyed, followed in the region by San Jose, while Tegucigalpa is last in the ranking.

The figures in parentheses are the positions of each city in Latin America.

  1. Panama (7)
  2. San Jose (12)
  3. Managua (37)
  4. Guatemala (41)
  5. San Salvador (42)
  6. Tegucigalpa (46)