Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Panama's ​Tocumen is the​ region's​ best airport

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Changi ​in Singapore​ ​is the world’s best for the sixth consecutive year

Tocumen in 94th​ position globally is the best airport ​in Central America and the Caribbean ​according to Skytrax World ​Airports.

No other regional airport ​is included​ in the Top 100.

​C​osta Rica​'s ​​Juan Santamaria International Airport​ ​is second​ best​ in the region​. ​

Changi Airport ​in ​Singapore ​is the world’s best airport for the sixth consecutive year​, while Fukuoka Airport in Japan is rated as the worst.

The ​ranking is based on​14 million​ surve​ys ​ ​from passengers in 550 airports in over 100 ​countries during the seven-month period ending last February (​the​ list​ refers to the six​ best airports in Central America and the Caribbean).

1     Panama
2 San Jose
3 Kingston
4 Port of Spain
5 Bridgetown
6 El Salvador