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Panama’s tourism brand is strongest

Friday, July 21, 2017

Panama’s tourism brand is the strongest in the ishtmus, according to the 2017 Country Brand Rankings for Tourism, produced by Bloom Consulting.

Panama placed seventh in the Americas and 42nd globally, moving up one position from last year’s rankings.

In the Americas, Costa Rica grew fastest, gaining 12 spots to 46th position worldwide.

Nicaragua moved up four spots in the ranking to 116th place, but remains the weakest brand in Central America.

Globally, the United States has the most valuable brand, while Central African Republic has the worst among 193 nations.

Economic performance, digital demand, country brand strategy, and online perfomance are some of the factors used in detemining the ranking (numbers in brackets indicate the global position of each country).

1 Panama (42)
2 Costa Rica (46)
3 Guatemala (75)
4 El Salvador (82)
5 Honduras (111)
6 Nicaragua (116)