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Panama will lead growth

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Panama will grow the highest in Central America, according to the ishtmus budgetary and economical organisation, SIECA.

The contry's GDP will rise up to 6% this year, while Nicaragua will be close to 5%, placing second.

El Salvador is last on expectations, with an 2,5% estimated growth.

A modest upturn in regional economic growth around 4.3 % is expected this year, after observing an increase of 4.1% in 2015 .

Panama's growth is boosted by the canal's expansion, while an anticipation of a more expansionary fiscal policy is giving Nicaragua optimistic prospects (numbers in brackets indicate GDP estimated growth in percentage).


1 Panama (6)

2 Nicaragua (4,5)

3 Costa Rica (4,3)

4 Guatemala (4)

5 Honduras (3,5)

6 El Salvador (2,5)