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Panamanian banks dominate

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Panama’s reputation as the region’s most important financial center of the isthmus has helped push the country’s bank assets to new heights.

Among the nation’s banks, HSBC Panama and Banco General are the biggest in Central America, according to rankings published late last year by América Economía magazine.

In addition, four of the largest banks in the region are based in Panama, based on total assets.

Latin America’s largest financial institution is Banco do Brasil, followed by Banco Itaú, Unibanco and Bradesco, all likewise Brazilian.

The figures refer to total assets in millions of dollars as of June, 2011.

  1. HSBC / Panama (10,756)
  2. General Bank / Panama (8,656)
  3. National Bank / Costa Rica (6,949)
  4. National Bank / Panama (6,739)
  5. Bladex / Panama (5,871)
  6. Industrial Bank / Guatemala (5,771)