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Public-Private Partnerships in Guatemala

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guatemala has the best conditions in Central America for public-private partnerships, and is also among the top ten in Latin America in this area, according to the 2012 Infrascope Index, prepared by The Economist.

Implementation of by the Government of rules governing this type of alliance, and strategic plans to encourage investment in energy and transport projects, helped Guatemala rank highly among emerging countries, with a score of 43.

Costa Rica and El Salvador follow with 38 points each. Honduras and Panama, both with 34, and Nicaragua with 20, come last in the region.

In first place overall is Chile, which has a long history of developing a regulatory framework, to permit concessions in various sectors.

Venezuela, which remains resistant to involve the private sector in infrastructure projects, come last overall.

The ranking is based on the regulatory framework, and the investment climate for infrastructure projects of public-private partnerships. (Figures represent the points of each Central American country in the index).

1. Guatemala (43)
2. Costa Rica (38)
3. El Salvador (38)
4. Panama (34)
5. Honduras (34)
6. Nicaragua (20)