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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The ability of Latin Americans to speak English is generally mediocre, according to a recent study by Education First, an international company specializing in language training.

Of thirteen Latin American countries included in the study, twelve have levels of English, which are considered low or very low, with the exception of Argentina, which is considered moderately good.

Costa Rica had the best results in Central America, at 35th place worldwide, while Panama was last.

The study did not include either Honduras or Nicaragua.

The global leader is Sweden, while Iraqis are the least fluent in English.

The study involved 5 million people in 60 countries (figures in parentheses the global position of the four Central American countries, along with Mexico and Colombia).

  1. Costa Rica (35)
  2. Mexico (40)
  3. Colombia (46)
  4. Guatemala (52)
  5. El Salvador (53)
  6. Panama (56)