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Region: executive air service

Monday, May 20, 2013

The president of Costa Rica got into trouble earlier this month, for going to Peru on a private plane, the property of a colombian oil company, which might at some future date bid on a Costa Rican petro-project.

If even the president of a country is desperate to get a ride on a private jet, imagine how many Central American business executives are in the same position.

Actually, a poll carried out in recent years by Republica Media Group , which owns this site, suggests that there are hundreds of potential customers – enough, conceivably, to support a regional jet-taxi business.

Chronically high prices for standard airline tickets within the region increase the chances, that such a business would be successful.

Panamanian and Costa Rican travelers would have the added benefit of flying in and out of small general-aviation airports, located close to the respective capitals.

The business could be entirely independent, leasing its own aircraft and hiring its own pilots, or it could sublet airplanes and crew from a Miami-based executive fleet.

Either way, the president of Costa Rica could be one of the first customers.