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Región: Steam power

Monday, September 19, 2011

Central America has major untapped sources of geothermal energy. Earlier this month, Guatemala awarded two geothermal exploration concessions in the Amatitlán area to Centram Geothermal, a Canada-based company. Amatitlán could produce some 50 MW of electrical energy, based on earlier studies.

Three other areas - Hormat, and Zunil I and II - could generate as much as 350 additional MW. A total of 400 megawatts could provide energy for a third of Guatemalan households, given current consumption levels.

Neighboring El Salvador has potential geothermal energy of around 250 MW, mainly in the areas of Ahuachapán and Berlin. Nicaragua is moving quickly to develop geothermal resources, with projects which include Casita, Mombacho, Apoyo and San Jacinto, all of which could add 600 MW.

Costa Rica untapped resources are mainly in national parks, which for now cannot be exploited. Panama and Honduras have few potential geothermal reserves.

Geothermal energy is attractive in the right circumstances, since it is the only renewable energy source, which - unlike wind, sun or hydro - always operates at maximum levels of output.



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