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Region: sustainable tourism

Monday, September 3, 2012

Opportunities continue to exist for sustainable tourism, which in this case means projects, which are not only ecologically but also economically friendly – in other words, with financing adequate to last several slow seasons.

Long-term, the region is poised to grow as a tourism destination. All Central American governments are currently spending significant amounts on tourism promotion for their respective countries in the United States and Europe. They are also participating in programs, intended to create joint promotion programs, as a mechanism which increases the overall number of tourists to the region.

In addition, all are investing in airport infrastructure, which in turn is helping to attract more flights. Two months ago, Costa Rica announced new routes from Canada to the recently rebuilt facilities of the Daniel Oduber airport, located in the Guanacaste tourism zone. American Airlines last week announced a flight from Miami to Roatan Island in Honduras.

The region still faces hurdles, including the slow economic recovery in both the US and Europe, and security issues, especially in Honduras and Guatemala.

On the other hand, new programs coupled with key, basic characteristics – perfect weather during northern winters, plus a wide range of tropical attractions, located within a few hours of North American cities – means growth.