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Salvadoran Low-cost Housing

Friday, June 11, 2010

Developers may be able to take advantage of $113 million in 2010 public-sector financing for low-cost homes in El Salvador.

The Housing for All program, administered by the National Low-Income Housing Fund (Fondo Nacional de Vivienda Popular), is aimed at improving social conditions in El Salvador's poorest sectors.

The program would also create an estimated 45,000 direct and indirect jobs, in a country hard hit by recession, including a 2009 year-over-year decline in remittances of close to 10%.

Part of the project involves the construction of 500 homes in Nuevo Belén, in the province of San Miguel, with a projected sales price of $13,000, along with 1,350 homes in La Bretaña, in the province of San Martín.


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