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San José offices: the most affordable

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rents for first-class commercial space in San Jose are the cheapest in Latin America.

Rental rates in the Costa Rican capital for premium offices, known as Type A commercial development, average less than $20 per meter per month, while in Buenos Aires, the most expensive city more expensive, the price is close to $32, according to the latest report of Colliers International.

Most cities in the region have an occupancy rate of 95%. "The market is good for owners owners, and could push developers to expand," says the report, which expects to see continued growth in premium office development.

Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, along with Bogota, have the highest prices in Latin America this this type of space.

(Figures refer to the price in dollars per square meter of Latin American cities considered in the study.)

  1. San Jose (19.30)
  2. Lima (20.90)
  3. Panama (22.30)
  4. Santiago (26.20)
  5. Mexico DF (30.10)
  6. Buenos Aires (31.90)