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San Jose: outsourcing capital

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

San Jose is the best city in the hemisphere for outsourcing services, ranking 13th in the 2013 global Top 100, according to the Tholons research firm.

In addition, San Jose had the biggest year-over-year gain, moving up five places in the ranking.

A constant influx of multinational corporations has turned Costa Rica into the Silicon Valley of Latin America, highlighting the efforts made by the country's investment promotion agency, Cinde.

In the rest of Central America, only Managua and Guatemala made the list, in positions 95 and 96, respectively.

Globally, the top two places belong to the Indian cities of Bangalore and Mumbai, while Manila came third.

The lowest qualifying cities are Cali, Colombia (98), Baguio City, Philippines (99), and Zagreb, Croatia (100).

The ranking evaluates working environment for outsourcing of services, as reflected in the arrival of new multinational companies (figures in parentheses are the positions that each city occupies in the world ranking).

1. San José, Costa Rica (13)
2. Mexico City, Mexico (40)
3. Monterrey, Mexico (42)
4. Guadalajara, Mexico (42)
5. Bogota, Colombia (49)
6. Medellin, Colombia (53)