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Spotlight on films from Central America and the Caribbean

Monday, April 3, 2017

Central American and Caribbean filmmakers are coming into their own, despite the myriad obstacles they face. Scant resources, infrastructure, and training are just some of the challenges in the region. However, film production has risen in some territories, especially in Panama, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico where state-backed film funds are available.

“The region’s burgeoning cinema needs all the support it can get,” said IFF Panama founder-director Pituka Ortega-Heilbron who has made it her life mission to support the arts and hopes that the region’s film festival will not only give the films a much-need platform but nurture new audiences.

“Heat, color and rhythm are recurring elements in these films, with the exception of Costa Rican drama “The Sound of Things,” which has a more austere look to it,” said artistic director Diana Sanchez.

Source: Variety