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The good life in Panama City

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Panama is the Central American city with the highest score in the Quality of Life Survey 2012, of the international consultancy Mercer, which measures infrastructure, access to electricity, water, telephone and road and air transportation.

Panama is in 93rd place worldwide, followed by San Jose in position 105. Tegucigalpa had the worst rating in the region.

Economic dynamism, modern highways and low unemployment, combine to make Panama is the most livable city in Central America.

On the global list, Vienna, Zurich and Auckland finished one-two-three, just as they did last year, while Port of Prince, Bangui and Baghdad came last (numbers in parentheses represent the position of each city worldwide).

  1. Panama City (93)
  2. San Jose (105)
  3. Guatemala City (140)
  4. Managua (166)
  5. San Salvador (170)
  6. Tegucigalpa (175)