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Virgin tourism

Monday, August 13, 2012

We´re not talking about tourism for virgins, but about wilderness areas of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, which are becoming destinations for tropical travel.

The places involved are north shore of the San Juan river, in the case of Nicaragua, and the south bank, in the case of Costa Rica. The river forms most of the border between the two countries.

Of the two programs, Nicaragua is further ahead. The government has built an airport at San Juan del Norte, on the Caribbean coast, even though no scheduled flights go there.

Managua has also created a $25 million fund, called Waterway (Ruta del agua, in Spanish), to promote its side of the river to potential visitors. The government is likewise investing in roads, to being the area into closer contact with the capital.

For its part, a private group recently invested $3 million in developing the Rio Indio Lodge.

Costa Rica meanwhile has done little to support tourism activities along the San Juan River. In this case, competition from Nicaragua may create an incentive for Costa Rican tourism operators, who have the experience, skill and reputation to develop attractive, sustainable projects in an area, which is rich in tropical plant and animal life.


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