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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Credit for a new business is more readily available in Guatemala and Honduras, compared to any other country in the region, according to the 2014 Doing Business Index, published this month by the World Bank.

The two countries are tied in 13th place in the world ranking, based on microcredit operations, which in each case are safe and efficient, and supported by laws that protect both creditors and debtors.

Nicaragua, considered a poor country in which to start a small business, was last in the region, and in 109th position worldwide.

Malaysia and the United Kingdom are tied for first place in the list of 189 countries, while Eritrea, Libya and San Marino share the last position (figures in brackets refer to the global position of the Central American countries). 

1. Guatemala (13)
2 Honduras (13)
3. El Salvador (55)
4. Panama (55)
5. Costa Rica (86)
6. Nicaragua (109